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Certificate course on Climate Change And Sustainability

Indian Environmental Society, a pioneer in promoting Environmental Improvement Initiatives in India since 1972 is offering three months Certificate Course on “Climate Change and Sustainability” with the aim to provide an integrated multidisciplinary study of a wide range of Environment related issues and their management.


Name of the Course: Certificate Course on Climate Change and Sustainability

Course Modules

1.      Energy and Climate Change law and Policy

  • Climate Change and Power Supply in India.
  • IUCN Commission on Environmental law
  • Key issues in Climate Change Regulation
  • Climate Change law in a developing country context
  • Implementation  Challenges of current climate change regulation
  • Role of judiciary in climate change litigation
  • Looking forward- Effective climate change governance in Asia
  • India’s Climate policy

2.      Environmental Hazards and disasters

  • Introduction to Environmental hazards and disasters
  • Types of disasters
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Role of community in Disaster mitigation.

3.      Global Climate Trends

  • Introduction to Climate Change
  • What has changed the climate
  • Temperature trends
  • Rainfall pattern
  • Sea level rise
  • Effect on biodiversity.
  • Health effects
  • Carbon off sets and carbon market: implications for private sector
  • Climate change Summits
  • Role of UN in Climate change

4.      Climate Change and Sustainable Practices

  • Introduction to Climate Change
  • What is substantiality and sustainable practices
  • Sustainable practices:    
    • Water
    • Renewable energy
  • Life cycle estimation
  • Clean development mechanism (CDM)


5.      Developing  sustainable communities

  • Introduction to climate change
  • What is sustainability
  • Path to sustainable community: Energy (Waste, water, renewable energy)
    •    Forests
    •    Transport
  • Carbon foot printing and estimation

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